Snowflake Jewelry

Snowflake Jewelry Line by Caligo Design - Inspired by Nature - Snowflake Flurry Pendant, Snowflake Heart Pendant and Mountain Stream Bracelet with Snowflake

It is said that "No two snowflakes are alike."

A snowflake begins up in a cloud, when a minute cloud droplet first freezes into a tiny particle of ice.  As water vapor starts condensing on its surface, the ice particle quickly develops facets, thus becoming a small hexagonal prism.  As the crystal becomes larger, branches begin to sprout from the six corners of the hexagon.  While it grows, the crystal is blown to and fro inside the clouds, so the temperature it sees changes randomly with time.  Thus the six arms of the snow crystal each change their growth with time.  The end result is a complex, branched structure that is also six-fold symmetric.  Thanks to the early photography work of Wilson A. Bentley (Snowflake Bentley) in the late 1800's and later others such as Libbrecht, we can see the intricacies of snowflakes.