Nature Inspired Sterling Silver charms - can be worn on traditional charm bracelets attached with an o ring or on a coral/branch spacer bead on Pandora style bracelets.

hurricane charm sterling silver hurricane charm on coral spacer ocean jewelry bracelet beads scuba diver charm sterling silver diver charm on coral spacer scuba diving charms bracelet bead charms

Hurricane charm & Scuba diver charm

seahorse charm sterling silver seahorse charm on coral spacer bracelet charms beach charms sea life charms pelican charm sterling silver pelican charm bracelet charms beach jewelry

Seahorse charm & Pelican charm

conch shell charm sterling silver shell charm bracelet charms beach charms shell jewelry palm tree charm sterling silver palm tree charm on coral spacer bracelet charms beach jewelry

Conch Shell charm & Palm Tree Charm

shark tooth charm sterling silver shark tooth shark jewelry bracelet charm anchor charm sterling silver anchor charm on coral spacer anchor jewelry nautical jewelry bracelet charms

Shark Tooth charm & Anchor charm

skull and crossbone charm sterling silver skull and crossbone charm on coral spacer pirate jewelry nautical jewelry Starfish Charm sterling silver starfish charm on coral spacer beach charms sea life charms beach jewelry bracelet charms

Skull and Crossbone Pirate charm & Starfish charm

pelican charm sterling silver pelican bead beach charm beach jewelry pelican bracelet charm crab charm sterling silver crab charm on coral spacer crab jewelry beach jewelry bracelet charm

Pelican Charm Bead & Crab Charm

Feet charm sterling silver feet charm on coral spacer beach charms beach jewelry bracelet charms horse shoe charm sterling silver horse shoe charm horse charms horse jewelry western jewelry bracelet charm

Feet charm & Horse shoe charm

sand castle charm beach charms  beach lady charm beach charms beach jewelry

Sand Castle Charm & Beach lady Charm


dolphin charm pandora style dolphin charm beach jewelry dolphin charm dolphin jewelry ocean jewelry

Dolphin Charms


sand dollar charm beach charms